Nintendo Will Pay Hackers Up To $20,000 To Find 3DS Security Flaws

Video Game pioneer Nintendo is inviting security researchers and white-hat hackers to find any kind of security flaw on its 3DS device and is willing to pay between $100 and $20,000 if successful. The company plans to address software exploits before these became known to the public. This bug bounty program will be run with the Silicon Valley-based platform HackerOne.

Nintendo Wants To Detect The Security Flaws To Offer Safest Product

According to the International Business Times, the company´s campaign page on HackerOne reads that Nintendo´s main goal is to offer the most secure environment for customers so they can enjoy the games and services without any kind of problem. Of course, it's also stated that in order to conquer this goal, the company is looking to receive information regarding any security flaw that the researchers and hackers may discover.

Naturally, Nintendo is taking these actions no matter how controversial could be, as a measure to avoid any kind of hack in its 3DS, giving the fact that this device has been the favorite target for many hackers in the recent months. In fact, Nintendo has even got to the point of releasing firmware updates for the 3DS to address security bugs found, but hackers have penetrated the system and released several unsigned codes on many units.

Some Detected Security Flaws Might Not Get Paid

According to Digital Trends, even when this search for security flaws might represent a very attractive offer to hackers, some of these could actually be underpaid, considering that Nintendo´s terms don't guarantee a payout for any discovered glitches, since the company will determine if any vulnerability information could qualify for a reward, as well as the amount for it.

However, Nintendo is also encouraging to detect and report any other discovered vulnerability sooner and later, no matter if there´s no functional exploit code yet. Hackers and researchers will have the opportunity to submit them within 21 days of the initial report and will be paid after the company has fixed the issue.

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