Why Michael Muhney’s Return In ‘The Young And The Restless’ Is A Bad Idea

Why Michael Muhney’s Return In ‘The Young And The Restless’ Is A Bad Idea
It is hinted that Adam Newman's death is fake in "The Young and the Restless" and that Michael Muhney will reprise his role anytime soon. Photo : CBS/YouTube

Is it necessary to bring back a fan-favorite tv character after killing him in a tragedy? How about allowing the very actor who played such role reappear in the small screens despite the controversies that kicked him out in the past?

Michael Muhney avid fans, hope is all yours. Recent reports have it that “The Young and the Restless” head writer and producer Sally Sussman is considering Michael Muhney's return in the popular soap as Adam Newman. The same report noted that the actor is available for full-time work, hence, sparking strong chances of his grand comeback in the show. Could this be true?

Neither Sussman nor Newman confirmed this issue yet. But if we take a deep analysis on the series of events, there is a possibility that the huge audience of the drama will journey again with Michael’s presence.

The cabin explosion that left Adam dead did not intentionally show his wake and burial nor his lifeless body in a coffin. It was reported that his downfall is fake and this will give entry to Newman to be back in the show for his slot. Rumors went as far as his crucial role is not meant to be killed off and when Muhney reprises his role, a face surgery might be listed in the storyline for realistic twists and turns of events.

Another theory that strengthened Newman’s return is the article penned by Michael Goldberg. He wrote "This performer desperately wants back on his/her old show. Although it seems possible now based on recent storylines, it’s not going to happen for him/her. People have long memories.”

The news is being feasted in the web. Fans are surely overjoyed with the brilliant idea as it’s their hearts’ desires to see him back in the series. But having him in the show (again) is not a good idea.

Adam Newman Is Dead
Yes. Reality bites but that’s it. Put the blame on Justin Hartley who decided to depart the show leaving the writers and producers with the only choice of writing off his character by killing him. However, recent spoilers of the upcoming episodes of “The Young and the Restless” hint that Adam is alive and that he is “missing.”

Michael Muhney Is No Good For His Colleagues
Despite being greatly adored by many because of his incredible portrayal as Adam, Michael is said to be struggling with his co-stars on the set. Presumably, he had a power competition with the Young and the Restless patriarch, Eric Braeden (Victor) and was not able to get along well with other cast members.

Also, a report cited that Hunter King (Summer Newman) claimed that Newman groped on her multiple times. The sensitive accusation was denied by Muhney and he was supported by his huge fan base.
Muhney’s reliving his best moments in “TYTR” is what every Adam Newman supporter wishes to come true but it seems to be a blank picture for now. The network, the showrunners and even Muhney have not validated any of the rumors.

If his re-casting will be realized anytime soon, surely it will be a big hit and the ugly past will be forgotten.

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