Overwatch Update: New Maps And World Building Is Under Way

Overwatch game director Jeff Kaplan has recently deliberated their plans regarding upcoming map designs and world building. The game director hinted that they will be releasing new maps to introduce the heroes' respective backstories. In addition, it would also prepare the fans for future releases. As a result, this new development will enable Overwatch fans to predict the pattern pointing out to the game's next character or major releases.

According to the report from The BitBag, the development team is trying to create an entire world in Overwatch. The report mentions that some future maps were designed to highlight an Overwatch character's backstory.

Present maps such as Eichenwalde, King's Row and others which were featured in animated shorts mostly fall under this category as they reveal a hero's past prior to the events of the popular shooter game. However, it was worth noting that maps like Numbani will perhaps reveal unreleased heroes like Doomfist. It is suggested that players should search maps for any hints of mentioned heroes in a future Overwatch updates.

Meanwhile, several Overwatch maps also feature the futuristic world. Maps such as Numbani, Dorado and Nepal highlight technological advancements while the other maps feature a more distinct cultural growth in their respective country. On the other hand, the recently released Oasis map has showcased a furturistic Middle Eastern city in the middle of the desert. Apparently, there are no confirmation regarding the heroes that represent this area as of now. However, this might give us a hint on the next character after Sombra.

Lastly, Kaplan also mentioned that the game's strong playerbase has inspired them to develop the future Overwatch update in unlikely paths. Overwatch could base their future updates that will satisfy the fans' demand. Moreover, it was suggested that Overwatch should release fresh concepts and ideas for players to enjoy. Meanwhile, players will have to wait for what Kaplan and the team are planning regarding the new Oasis map and the development of the game's next playable character.


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