The Illusive Pangu iOS 10 Jailbreak: Is It Still Possible And Why It Is So Sought After

The Illusive Pangu iOS 10 Jailbreak: Is It Still Possible And Why It Is So Sought After
It is a few days into December and there is still no word from Pangu about an iOS 10 update, which means that the jailbreak might not even happen anymore. But how important is it? Photo : EverythingApplePro/YouTube

When iOS 10 was still undergoing beta testing, popular hacking group Pangu boasted that it already had the jailbreak tool in its hands. But now Apple is testing its iOS 10.2 update and there still has been no release from the group. Various reports indicated a December release, but with a few days of the month already finished, there still has been no update from the hackers.

The most popular explanations involved Pangu waiting for the right time to strike between Apple's updates. Apparently, the group was waiting for the ideal time to release the tool, because lightning fast updates from the Cupertino-based company would quickly make it irrelevant. And while this might still be possible, Neurogadget proposes another theory.

According to the publication, Apple had enough of groups and individuals like Pangu that would break though its operating system and jailbreak the same. It was happening with every update which only frustrated the tech giant. As such, the company decided to take things into its own hands. With iOS 10, security measures were included that would make jailbreaking virtually impossible.

It seems that Apple has been successful in this, as only select individuals have boasted breaking into iOS 10. Even then, these people did not make their tools publicly available, so it must not have bothered the company as much. And with the updates that were released, these security measures are likely to have only tightened.

The publication goes as far as to say that breaking into the OS once iOS 10.2 is rolled out will be completely impossible. Luca Todesco - one of those who own an iOS 10 jailbreak tool - apparently said that he was able to take a look at the upcoming update. Moreover, installing that update on an iPhone would make the device impenetrable to jailbreaking.

But why does Apple take such drastic measures -which includes offering US$100,000 to anyone that could find a bug in its system - to protect its operating system? The main point of jailbreaking the iOS is to allow users to download various applications that the system has banned for one reason or another. Apple undoubtedly puts a lot of thought thought into their partnerships with third-party servicers, so jumping the fence on this issue should have serious repercussions for the company.

However, up until now, individuals have searched for a jailbreak tool almost as hard as Apple has been fighting them off. This is why a group like Pangu has risen to fame. And while the group is still silent about a possible iOS 10 tool, the general public is still eager awaiting - and they are doing so for some very specific reasons.

iPhoneJailBreakGuide provided various other reasons for jailbreaking an iOS device, such as being able to rename and reorganize applications - much like how it works with Android. Customization within iOS is possible in terms of resizing icons, changing themes and choosing a different icon to appear when rebooting the device.

And while these items seem a little trivial, users of jailbroken units also have the opportunity to take advantage of Siri. With Cydia, individuals will be able to request Siri to tell jokes, install chatbots, search YouTube, as well as integrate with third-party applications such as Waze and Spotify.

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