Become The Best Photographer With The iPhone 7 Plus 'Portrait Mode'

In a short while, Portrait mode has become a favorite feature for the iPhone 7 Plus users, with people capturing different varieties of subjects with the stunning depth-of-field effect, bringing them closer to the subjects they love. The iPhone currently has the most popular camera in the world, and its popularity has just increased among photographers in 2016, according to Flickr. Below are some tips from photographers who are finding creative ways to use Portrait mode every day.

JerSean Golatt

JerSean Golatt says that using Portrait mode on the iPhone 7 Plus is essential for storytelling as a whole, and it adds value for those with lower budgets and wants to bring speed to share their stories like never before. Golatt recommends getting up close to your subject to bring out the amazing details.

Jeremy Cowart

When he's behind the camera, photographer Jeremy Cowart is famous for taking amazing portraits of celebrities. A recent portrait of his son is a favorite image that he has shot using the iPhone 7 Plus, saying that he's stunned at how amazing and incredibly useful Portrait mode is. He would recommend minimizing the background and cutting out the distractions from the subject and trying to find the shade and position the sun behind their subject as a nice backlight. He also finds adjusting the exposure down just a hair really makes my images look more cinematic.

Benj Haisch

Wedding photographer Benj Haisch said Portrait mode is definitely changing the way he looks at mobile photography. Featuring a wide angle 28mm equivalent paired with the 56mm equivalent and Portrait mode has made all the difference in achieving professional results without using any professional camera. He also recommends that having soft, diffused lighting will aid with keeping the photo flattering and bright to your subject. Finding a space that isn't too busy or distracting, as Portrait mode, will create a photo that really pops to life.

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