Adam Levine, Blake Shelton Had Enough Of Miley Cyrus; 'The Voice' Judges To Quit After Next Season?

It looks like the feud between Adam Levine and Miley Cyrus is far from ending and one of them might be leaving the show for good. And it seems like Levine is not the only one willing to ditch "The Voice" after next season if Cyrus returns.

Recently, rumors are rife that Levine and Cyrus' feud has reached a whole new level as the Maroon 5 frontman threatens to leave "The Voice" if the "Wrecking Ball" singer returns. It can be recalled that Cyrus decided to take a year-off the talent show paving the way to Gwen Stefani's return as her replacement. With Cyrus off the show, Levine was reportedly very happy about it.

"Adam was thrilled! He is just really glad that Miley is gone and Gwen is coming back!" an insider revealed to Radar Online. "Blake was not the same this season without Gwen there and it showed. When Gwen was a judge last season he was a ball of light and this season that light went out."

However, Levine's excitement about Cyrus' exclusion in "The Voice" might be short-lived as the 24-year-old singer will be making a comeback after next season. This led to speculations that Levine, along with Shelton, will most likely walk away from "The Voice" for good.

"Adam does not really want to return if they bring Miley back. He is that over it," the source revealed. "Both Adam and Blake feel that they have run their course as judges and are highly considering both exiting at the same time, along with Gwen."

Apparently, Shelton is not in good terms with Cyrus as well. Reports suggest that Shelton was allegedly unhappy about Cyrus' return. Rumors of the two having a feud started when Shelton allegedly pushed to get Stefani on "The Voice" as a replacement for Cyrus.

According to reports, Shelton made it clear to the producers that "he wanted Gwen by his side for the upcoming season" and that "if [Stefani] did not return then neither would he."

So far, no confirmation has been made regarding the alleged feud between "The Voice" judges. The production remains mum about the rampant issues being thrown to Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, and Miley Cyrus.

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