Gears Of War 4 Update Goes Live, But Did It Improve The Game Or Not?

Gears of War 4 has a new update but players are saying that the patch brought disaster to their copies instead. The players were hoping for a better gameplay experience but the game started to crash once they have downloaded the recent update.

Is The Recent Update Of Gears Of War 4 An Improvement?

The long wait is over for the newest update of Gears of War 4. Fans were excited to see the new maps and to fix the bugs in the game included in Title Update 2. But despite The Coalition's promise to improve the gameplay, the update made it worse.

According to Windows Report, Gears of War 4 players have reported that the game stopped upon installation of TU 2. The players need to restart the game for about three times before they can finally play again.

Also, Gears of War 4 took longer to react. The players need to wait for one minute before having the chance to go back to the main menu. The players cannot access their customized characters. Next, if they decided to check out the store, the game crashes again.

The players have been commenting that The Coalition has created the bug itself because of what it did to Gears of War 4. The players want to receive another update in order to fix the game. They also want to enjoy the two new maps such as Glory and Speyer.

What Could Have Been Included In Gears of War 4's TU2?

Besides the two new maps that players can access in Gears of War 4, the TU2 was supposed to balance the horde in the game, according to Windows Central. But despite these inclusions, the players will not be able to enjoy the game.

Some bugs could have been fixed in Gears of War 4 if the update is working properly. The problems on audio and video will be retained if the player has paused the game. The quit option has been removed in the menu in Core and Competitive playlists. 

Gears of War 4 fans are really disappointed with what TU2 has done to the game. They are hoping that The Coalition will bring a new update that will fix all the major problems in the game. Players really want to continue playing it.

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