Death Stranding Theories; Does It Involve Multiple Dimensions?

Death Stranding Theories; Does It Involve Multiple Dimensions?
We don't know what Death Stranding is all about yet, but popular theories surrounding it include different dimensions and time travelling. Photo : KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS/YouTube

We now have two Death Stranding trailers but no answers still. We have a couple of theories, though, and one of which involves the possibility of having multiple universes and maybe even the element of time travel.

Death Stranding Is Set On Different Dimensions?

In the first Death Stranding trailer released during E3 2016, we witnessed the character of Norman Reedus and the first look at the Death Stranding world. Then the recently released teaser showed Mads Mikkelsen and Guillermo del Toro, offering no clue whatsoever on what we can expect on the upcoming game.

But some keen-eyed fans were able to pinpoint a few details about the Death Stranding trailers that leads us to theorize that we may soon deal with multiverses and time travelling. The baby we see in both videos is a huge clue. While it may seem like two different babies, there's a reason to think that it is one and the same.

It is also our evidence to the multiple dimensions theory. If you watch the two trailers side by side, you will notice that the baby disappears from Reedus' arms then appears immediately at the capsule del Toro's holding.

This may simply just be a coincidence, but we'd like to think that the baby was teleported into the capsule when del Toro connected the tube. And looking at the two trailers, it's clear that the two is in different places. But let's take this further and say that they're in completely different dimensions.

One has a mission in one and the other has a mission in the other. But the question is - what's the end goal here? Save the world or something?

Death Stranding May Involve Time Travel

Another Death Standing theory, which does not necessarily invalidate the one above, is that there is some sort of time travel involved here. The capsule that acts like a womb to the baby is some high-tech stuff that's we don't even have right now.

In the same trailer, we see American fighter jets, tanks and uniforms that are obviously not from the present time. More specifically, they look straight out from the World War II era. Then we have Mads Mikkelsen donning a more modern uniform than his skeleton soldiers.

We now know that he is the Death Stranding villain so he may be the whole reason behind all this weird stuff. He may have been a soldier from the future who went back in time to mess things up then del Toro followed him with a baby to revert the world back into the same one we know.

That doesn't explain Reedus and the other dimension, though. Well, talks about space and time have always been confusing to me. If you have a better theory about Death Stranding, let us know in the comments below.

If you want to read more on Death Stranding, read our article on how the two trailers are connected. I've briefly touched on the other dimension thingy there. Meanwhile, let's hope that the game is the masterpiece we all expect it to be when it launches.

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