'The Bold And The Beautiful' Spoiler: Liam Afraid Of What Quinn Could Do To Katie, Is Murder Possible?

'The Bold and The Beautiful' has been one of the most sough-after series to date. With its unexplainable storylines and shocking revelations, the series is all set to bring thrill in everyone's houses. With all the things that is happening in the show, here's what we should expect from each and every character related in the series.

'The Bold And The Beautiful' News Update: Here's What Could Happen To Liam, Katie And Quinn, Who's Getting Killed

Inquisitr told that the series is unfolding shocking truths and twists in its upcoming episodes. The soap opera would show Liam, played by Scott Clifton, doing all the best that he can to warn Katie, played by Heather Tom, about Quinn, played by Rena Sofer. Promos told that Liam would tag Quinn as someone who is able to do everything- even killing the people closest to her. The character of Scott would site in some stories that would imply that Quinn is looking at Katie as a threat in her relationship with Eric, played by John McCook.

However, Katie seems to have been very compassionate and told that she would want give Quinn a second chance.

Aside from that, Katie is starting a new life with her son, Will. She then purchased a house near to Eric's that would later built in quarrels between his wife and him. Rumors stated that Liam decided to converse with Katie and asked Will his condition knowing that Quinn lives next door. Liam believed that Quinn is dangerous and should not be trusted.

"Initially, things are fine. Quinn isn't mean or rude to Katie,"

"Katie can sense tension, but she realizes Eric has chosen to spend his life with this woman. Whatever misgivings Katie had about Quinn because of what she has done in the past are not relevant to here and now. Katie has no plans to battle with her neighbor. Katie has always had a lovely relationship with Eric, and if this is the woman he loves, she intends to support that."

"Much like John McCook is one of my favorite people at CBS, my alter ego feels completely comfortable with Eric, even with Quinn around."

Katie believed that Quinn has changed and that giving her a second chance should never be forgotten.

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