Apple MacBook Pro MacOS 10.12.2 To Fix Graphic Issues On Its Update

By Monica U Santos , Dec 09, 2016 04:16 AM EST

Some owners of the new MacBook pro units are complaining about a problem with the Thunderbolt 3 port. Some are reporting about the graphic issues that they are experiencing. And unfortunately, some users are also saying that their units are crashing. This Wednesday, Apple’s software engineering chief Craig Federighi recognized this problem and said that the tech company is rolling out a solution.

Apple MacBook Pro MacOS 10.12.2

According to Digital Trends, problems inevitably arise whenever a new technology product is introduced, and they are usually resolved through software updates or, occasionally, with hardware fixes. Even entirely new models of existing products can suffer major problems as kinks are worked out, and no manufacturer is immune.

The reported graphics issues of the new MacBook Pro have been seen on numerous configurations of the unit, although there seems to be somewhat of a consensus that notebooks with dedicated graphics (the 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar) are most likely to see problems.

However, 9to5 Mac reported that 13-inch MacBook Pro, with or without Touch Bar, have also been experiencing similar visual glitches. A full machine restart usually makes the problem go away temporarily. But I think it will not be good to keep it that way all the time.

Updates To Fix Graphic Issues

Some owners of the new MacBook Pro are worried and thinking that the only way for their units to be fixed would is to swap out the non-repairable machines for new ones, which can create its own problems of backing up data, resetting machines, and potentially getting a replacement with its own new issues. It looks like that won’t be necessary, however — all it might take is an upgrade to MacOS. While that is not quite as easy as a simple driver update, it is a lot less messy than trekking to an Apple Store.

AppleInsider believes these graphical distortions persist due to problems with Intel's graphics chip and the Radeon Pro GPU. This is because Intel actually rolled out a Windows-based update for Skylake graphics chips and the fix may have been included in the new macOS beta version. Since macOS Sierra 10.12.2 is still in beta testing, general users who are experiencing all the aforesaid problems should wait for the final release later this month.


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