‘Grey's Anatomy' Spinoff For Alex Karev's Character In The Works? What Shonda Rhimes Revealed

"Grey's Anatomy" has been running for 12 years now and showrunner Shoda Rhimes has already produced a spinoff of this medical series as well as a couple of other shows. The latest word in the rumor mill suggests that the award-winning producer might be planning another "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff based on the character of Justin Chambers, Alex Karev.

"Grey's Anatomy" Spinoff For Alex Karev

Reports about a new "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff focusing on Dr. Alex Karev have been known to public since time immemorial. The latest clue has been dropped by the executive producer herself Shonda Rhimes. In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the 46-year-old producer said Shondaland, the TV entertainment production company she founded, has been considering a separate development of one of its series.

Speculations surfaced that Rhimes could well be pointing to another "Grey's Anatomy" spinoff about the character of Justin Chambers which has been a popular demand. Rhimes was able to produce four other top-rated series after "Grey's Anatomy," namely "Scandal," "How to Get Away with Murder," "The Catch" and "Private Practice" under Shondaland. The latest is the only spinoff to the medical series centering on Grey Sloan's Dr. Addison Montgomery played by Kate Walsh.

Alex Karev's Departure

From the looks of it, it seems like Alex Karev's departure could be true after all. As to the odds that Karev will be having his own show, it's quite a possibility considering how "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 has been written. The mid-season finale heavily featured Karev and the events unfurling in his life. In the past months, Chambers had been rumored to leave the show following the string of emotional scenes he had in the last few episodes. Back in June, the actor had renewed his contract for this season which debunked outright the exit rumors.

For the record, ABC Entertainment executive Channing Dungey unveiled in same interview that Karev was not originally written in the plot of "Grey's Anatomy." For her, it's pretty amazing that she still sees Karev on the show after 12 years. Given how Karev's character on "Grey's Anatomy" season 13 has been projected, a spinoff for the character is very possible.

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