‘Westworld' Season 2 Cast News Update: Ed Harris Shares Excitement About Role; Actor Ready To Play Role In Extreme Mode

Since "Westworld," the 1973 Michael Crichton movie-based series, revealed answers to a couple of mysteries in its season finale, the number of fans who have been trying to put the puzzle pieces together significantly reduced. In a refreshing note, the Man in Black played by Ed Harris seems not too concerned about the past or the twists and turns that have happened.

"I wasn't looking back," Ed Harris told THR about his approach to the series. "I was looking forward."

The Golden Globe award-winning actor explained that though he knew very little about his character, he didn't spend much time dwelling on it as he is more concerned with the man's mission at hand. This meant polishing all the little details to be able to portray his character without concern for the twists and turns that would happen.

"I took in the show moment by moment, show by show, shot by shot," he went on to explain. 

The Man in Black is yet to witness the final three episodes of "Westworld" and as the show's second season is about to unfold, the "Buried Child" star expressed his excitement in discovering and experiencing "Westworld" season 2.

Harris revealed in an interview that his character wants to play the game more in extreme mode. He wants to find out what he is about. He wants to find out if the people around him are lethal and what he is to do about it. The actor stated that he is clueless of what might happen in "Westworld" season 2 but he believed that it is going to be wild.

The 66-year-old actor also shared how he feels about playing the Man In Black role. According to him, he enjoys playing the role of someone with some violence in him. The actor added that he is enjoying his role in "Westworld" as it is very physical in contrast to the role he is playing in "Buried Child."

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