Zika Alert: 5 Babies Born In New York Are Said To Have Zika-Related Birth Defect

Reports are warning doctors to remain vigilant and to continue to warn pregnant women and sexually active women of reproductive age not using a reliable form of birth control against traveling to places where the virus is spreading. On Wednesday, 14 infants have tested positive for Zika virus in New York. And it was claimed that five of which babies are with Zika-related birth defect.

Five Babies Born In New York Are Said To Have Zika-Related Birth Defect

In New York City, on Wednesday, 14 infants have tested positive for Zika virus, five of which have shown evidence of what's being called congenital Zika virus syndrome. In an alert sent to doctors, the city's Department of Health and Mental Hygiene urged vigilance and continued to discourage women from traveling to areas battling the virus, The New York Times reported.

According to the published report, since July of this year, at least four babies have been born in New York City with Zika-related symptoms, which can include microcephaly. It is a situation wherein the brain of the child is severely underdeveloped. The Department of Health reported that the first case of a baby born in New York City with microcephaly was on July 22.

“Today’s news is a reminder that Zika continues to be a threat to pregnant women and their babies,” said the city’s health commissioner, Dr. Mary T. Bassett. “We are closely following all babies born to mothers who test positive for Zika infection and will connect parents to available services to improve their child’s quality of life,” she added.

Effects Of The Zika Virus

As of Friday, about 8,000 New Yorkers have been tested for Zika and 962 have tested positive, including 325 pregnant women. Fox News said that for their own safety, pregnant women and women trying to become pregnant should avoid travel to areas with zika-related news such as parts of the Central America, South America, Mexico, the Caribbean.

A report published in November found that Zika infection, which is spread by infected mosquitos, can cause a range of damaging symptoms, including a collapsed skull, eye scarring, severe muscle tension and brain calcifications. The Zika virus set off worldwide concern after an outbreak in Brazil, where babies are now turning one and families continue to struggle with medical problems.


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