Google Daydream Includes New Games, HBO And Virtual Lego Just Before The Holidays

A few weeks ago, Google launched Daydream, its latest venture into the world of mobile virtual reality. Because of its infancy, there have nee noticeable drawbacks from owning and using the device, as there is still a limited amount of content. However, the search engine giant is quickly working to remedy this.

As TechCrunch notes, a handful of games have just been added to the game, the first which is called "Gunjack: End Of Shift." It is a sci-fi shooter game and is a sequel to the original "Gunjack," which was available on the Samsung Gear VR. Meanwhile, "Underworld Overlord" is a tower defense and war strategy game. In the title, players will do everything they can in order to stop heroes from taking their source of evil power.

"Need For Speed" will be making its way to Google Daydream soon enough. As the game will be played in virtual reality, developers added a feature wherein players ca adjust seat height and depth for maximum comfort. Another game is called "Wands," which has a "Harry Potter" feel to it.

Google Daydream has also added an HBO application to the wearable, which allows users to watch television on the virtual screen. According to The Verge, this feature is only available to those who own an HBO Now or HBO Go subscription. The videos and images are of 2D quality, however, despite the 3D platform. The tech giant has also announced that it plans to extend this feature to steam with Netflix.

What is arguably the most exciting addition to the VR platform, however, is "Lego BrickHeadz Builder VR." The game is free and does not sport any in-app purchases. The title has two modes, the first of which allows players to play with Lego figures and other object. The second mode, players get to use a virtual building board and request several bricks to make models. Shapes can be personally selected as well.

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