Google Play Are Now Selling HD Movies For 4K

Google announce in a blog post on Tuesday that its Play Store has more than 125 movies in 4K resolution starting in the US and Canada. Customers can now buy the high-def movies on their Android devices and even on the web. They can also stream the movies on Chromecast Ultra, Sony Bravia Android TV or Xiaomi Mi Box 3.

Google Play Are Now Selling HD Movies For 4K

Google teased the addition of 4K for Play Movies in October, when it unveiled its Chromecast Ultra device, though at the time it originally aimed to launch 4K movies in November. Google also provided CNET with an abbreviated list of other 4K titles available: "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," "10 Cloverfield Lane," "The 5th Element," "The Amazing Spider-Man," "Lucy," "Everest," "The Lego Movie" and "Batman vs. Superman."

Google says all movies on the Play store use the VP9 codec. The Verge reported that this means it is designed to produce an ideal mix of sharp picture quality and reliable streaming. For a limited time, Google is giving away one free 4K movie to buyers of the Chromecast Ultra, though you’re limited to a list that includes Ghostbusters and Captain Philips. That’s still not a bad deal, seeing as plenty of digital 4K movie purchases still go for $19.99 and often more.

Google Rivals To 4K Movies HD

Variety reported that content in 4K Ultra HD remains relatively scarce. Amazon and Vudu offer a selection of titles in 4K, while Apple’s iTunes does not yet offer TV shows or movies in the format. Among subscription-streaming services, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have offered some 4K content for several years, and Hulu last week launched 4K Ultra HD titles original series including “The Path,” “11.22.63," “Chance” and 20 more James Bond movies. Also last week, YouTube launched support for live 4K video streaming.


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