Meet 'Fyodor'! Russia’s Humanoid Robot That Will Be Launched In Space, How Cool Is That?

The Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects has recently developed Fyodor, a spacebot bound for the International Space Station, which will be used to protect its cosmonauts in future space exploration. It was found that while the "cyber cosmonaut" is being controlled inside the space capsule, the humanoid robot will be used to perform complex tasks outside of the International Space Station (ISS) and Russia's national orbital station while Russia's cosmonauts remain safely on the inside.

Fydor In Russia's Lunar Mission, How Helpful Can It Be?

In one of his statements revealed by Daily Mail, Dmitry Rogozin, Vladimir Putin's deputy premier said that thing can work without a space suit, live not only in a crew vehicle, but even outside it. He claimed that the war in Syria had shown Russia how important robots can be especially in difficult environments, and has reportedly swore that Fyodor would make its space debut in five years. Furthermore, Putin has allegedly instructed his space chiefs to make a first landing on the moon within 15 years, which then led to the birth of Fyodor.

Moreover, according to Express, Rogozin has further added that the reason why they have developed a spacebot such as Fyodor is to create an avatar that will become a crew member of the Russian national orbital station. The deputy premier said that they believe humanoid robots with synthetic vision and AI in perspective is not a fairytale. In their statement, head of the robotic programme, Sergey Khurs, has claimed that Fyodor has no "human factor" side since it never gets distracted, never gets ill, has no emotions and always focuses on the task. It was found that Russia aspires to launch Fyodor aboard the ISS by 2021.

Ultimately, authorities have revealed that the Russian spacebot has the ability of crawling, standing up after falling down, taking and leaving the driver's seat in a car, use tools and operate in a regular building. Fyodor stands 6ft tall, weighs between 106-160 kg depending on extra equipment, and can lift up to 20 kg of cargo.

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