Lucid Motors Started Working On Their 1000 Horsepower Electric Vehicle

Lucid Motors Started Working On Their 1000 Horsepower Electric Vehicle
Tesla has started the trend with high performing electric vehicles with their Model S. Startup companies like Lucid Motors is set to follow suit as they manufacture a 1000hp electric sedan. Photo : auto imagen/ youtube

Tesla Motors recently changed the perception of consumers towards electric cars when they unveiled their Model S P100D that can achieve a zero to 60-mile run in just 2.4 seconds. A bold move that makes fast and performance drivers consider electric cars. Tesla started the trend and it is only a matter of time for other companies like Lucid Motors to come up with a better, faster electric vehicle to challenge them with.

A 1000HP Electric Vehicle Is Soon To Arrive

According to Motor Authority, startup electric car company, Lucid Motors, is now working on an all-electric luxury sedan that is equipped with a 1000 horsepower electric engine. It will also be having a 100 kilowatt-hour battery pack that is capable of reaching a 300mile-estimated range. These specs are only for the base model, higher end models will be having a better 130 kilowatt-hour battery that can reach an estimated 400-mile range.

A Van Was Used For Testing, And It Still Shows Great Promise

Lucid Motors equipped a Mercedes-Benz van with the electric engine and used it as their test unit. The van was able to hit an astonishing 2.94 seconds in its zero to 60-mile run and was able to hit 11.3 seconds for its quarter mile test that topped 117 miles per hour. Lucid is expecting the sedan version to show significant improvement, as it will be having a much lighter and more aerodynamic body. The sedan version will be 1000 pounds lighter than the Mercedes-Benz van test unit.

Lucid Partners With Samsung SDI

For the batteries, Lucid Motors will be having a partnership with Samsung SDI as their major supplier for their lithium-ion power cells. Goals have been set by the two companies to develop and manufacture battery cells that will exceed the current performance in terms of energy density, calendar life, safety, and power. According to Peter Rawlinson, chief technology officer of Lucid, "The breakthrough battery life demonstrated by the new cell from Samsung SDI, will be of tangible benefit to our customers, particularly companies with ride-sharing services that are operating 'round the clock." That comment certainly says that Lucid Motors might have plans of competing with known ride-sharing companies like Uber, Car2G0, Lyft, and the recently launched program by BMW, ReachNow.

A New Electric Luxury Sedan Brand

In addition, Lucid Motors will also follow Tesla's path of the direct-to- consumer model to avoid franchised dealers. The company aims to sell only 8000 to 10000 vehicles per year with a goal of ramping up to as many as 60000 per year in the near future. Sales target number are significantly lower than Tesla's goals and reports also mention that the starting price for the sedans will be at $100,000 dollars. These goals are acceptable as Lucid Motors is aiming to be known as an exclusive brand for luxury electric sedans. The company, with its recent announcements and high-powered technology, may be a real threat not only to Tesla but also against other car manufacturers. Lucid Motors hope that their first line of production sedans will be out in the market by late 2018.

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