Accuser´s Lawyer Says That WikiLeaks Leader Julian Assange Will Face Rape Prosecution

WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange is still facing the threat of getting back to Sweden and being prosecuted for the accusations of rape. Since the accuser's lawyer Elisabeth Massi Fritz keeps pushing the case and stated that he has a low credibility that she will prove once the prosecution starts.

WikiLeaks Leader Leaked His Testimony

As it was reported on December 8, WikiLeaks leader leaked his own 19-page testimony from Swedish rape probe, explaining his version of everything that happened with the woman known as SW on August 16, 2010, after he was giving a lecture about his organization´s disclosures. In his official statement, Assange said that he was completely innocent of any kind of sexual misconduct and strongly criticized the prosecutors for the degrading treatment of him.

According to his version of the event, he met the woman two days before the lecture, since she was taking photographs of him while he was giving a speech about Afghanistan war, and two nights later she invited him to her house, and she appeared to be "romantically interested" in him. During the night and in the next morning, they had consensual sexual intercourse many times, and her physical reactions made it clear that she encouraged and enjoy the interactions.

Massi Fritz Assure That Julian Assange Is Desperate

Giving this situation, it was reported that Massi Fritz said that WikiLeaks leader´s actions releasing his statement has violated her client the media. Also, she told that the decision of doing this clearly shows his desperation in the case and is conducting the investigation through the media every time he has something to say. She expects that Assange stops violating her client on her media since she has suffered enough for six years now.

Although it is not known what is going to happen with this delicate situation, WikiLeaks leader is still facing the risk of having to get back to Sweden to be prosecuted, which could also mean an extradition to the U.S. because of the disclosures he have made with the radical transparency organization.

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