This What Apple iPhone 8 May Actually Looks Like

It is one of the major questions which arises after any more successor of any series, Will you wait for the next one to come or just buy the iPhone 7 only? For all those questions and confusions you can just check out all the anticipated features of the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 and get to decide it.You can wait if the feature you'd like is in the next series or you can just enjoy the present and live your life this happily this year. Talking bout the upcoming Apple iPhone 8 designs.

This May Apple iPhone 8 Look Like, A Surprisingly Accurate Mock Up

According to some sources, YouTuber Veniamin Geskin a famous concept devices creator made the most notable among them, perhaps, was the amazing all-screen iPhone 8 he mocked up way back November as speculated of Apple's bold next-generation iPhone redesign really started to heat up.

Apple iPhone 8 : Larger Screen And Curve Displays on Both Sides

Earlier this week, a beautiful mockup created by Latvian graphic designer and YouTuber Veniamin Geskin. The portrait showed what an all-screen iPhone 8 would look like if Apple could actually manage to get rid of the home button and enclose the fingerprint scanner, ear speaker, and sensor beneath the display. The result is surprisingly accurate, as , but sadly it's a bit ambitious for a 2017 smartphone. Apple's new iPhone 8 lineup is indeed anticipated to ditch the home button and enclose a next-generation Touch ID module beneath the screen, however, there will likely still be some space above and below the display.

Just like everyone is expecting to see on the iPhone 8. Everything sound cool, however, what will it actually really look like? We won't know for sure until Samsung releases its new Apple iPhone 8 smartphones next year, but something tells us that the portrait above from Geskin and will end up as a very good representation of the most anticipated smartphone coming next year.

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