Xiaomi Will Unveil Their Electric Vehicle On December 2016

Xiaomi Will Unveil Their Electric Vehicle On December 2016
Chinese tech giant, Xiaomi, known for distributing cheaper than iPhones mobile devices to India and other parts of the world, has been rumored to be developing their first electric vehicle. Photo : Photo by VCG/VCG via Getty Images

Xiaomi released a teaser on Weibo that suggests a new vehicle from the company is on its way to the market. The Chinese tech giant has been rumored to enter the electric car industry since 2014. This may be what the general public has been waiting for since the company is known to provide cheaper alternatives to the premium brands.

E-ABS Is Mentioned On The Teaser Photo

The speculations about Xiaomi's venture to the electric car industry started after the Chinese government announced and encouraged new companies, both old and new, to manufacture electric cars in the country.
Although the revelation does not directly point to a new electric car, the teaser photo shows grid marks or tire marks that give the indication of a new vehicle. The Chinese characters on the photo say "E-ABS" which stands for an electronic anti-lock braking system. Regenerative braking, perforated discs brakes, cruise control, and integrated die-cast motors are also said to be included on the features.

Earlier this year, Xiaomi unveiled the Mijia Qicycle, a bicycle that is powered by 250 watts, 36 volts electric motor. The bicycle is equipped with Torque Measurement Method or TMM torque sensing technology that supports the rider's pedal power. The power is produced from the Panasonic 18650 battery that is rated at 2,900mAh which provide ample power to run 45 kilometers. The bicycle can be folded and fit into the trunk of the car when not needed and for easier transportation.

Hopes For An Unveiling On December

Rumors about the vehicle to be launched on December 12, 2016, are spreading like wildfire. Although, in reality, that target date may be slim. Lei Jun, founder of Xiaomi, made a speech last year at the fifteenth annual meeting of China entrepreneurs forum that mentions no plans of launching an electric vehicle. At least not for the next five years. Jun said that he wants the company to focus on developing their existing products for the next three to five years.

Xiaomi May Be Out To Surprise Us

However, consumers can still hold their hopes up as Xiaomi has a history of surprises. The Xiaomi Mi Mix is a bezel-less phablet that was unveiled without anyone knowing about the product beforehand. It is highly possible that a concept car will be unveiled first, then a production unit will follow. Just like what company LeEco did earlier this year when they showed their LeSEE concept car. Over $1.08 billion dollars has been reportedly raised by the company for the project. Forbes also recently reported a $3 billion dollar investment by the company to set up a car factory in China.

A Perfect Time For Chinese Companies

No better time could have been chosen by the Chinese tech giant as analysts reports that the road to electric cars is very promising. Other startup companies have started developing their own line of electric vehicles, with hopes of surpassing what Tesla has achieved in the past 10 years. China is also known for producing companies that reach out to the general public, most of which cannot afford premium models such as a Tesla or a BMW. Most American and European companies also have their products made in China to gain profitability coming from the low labor cost.

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