Dramatic Decline In Ecosystem Seen Due To Climate Change

Climate change's effects can be devastating. Many of the world's ecosystems are feeling its effects. Many plants and animals are on the verge of extinction because of it. The dramatic decline in the ecosystem is seen due to climate change.

A new study has shown that extinction across many plants and animal species is already happening around the world. Climate change has already greatly affected many plants and animals as weather patterns change. Unlike people, many plants and animals cannot readily adapt to a rapidly changing climate.

A number of studies have already shown that many species are shifting habitat in order to go to areas where they can live. This greatly shifts the balance, since one species moving on to another habitat will disturb species living in that area. This can have detrimental effects in many ways.

The study of Professor John J. Wiens of the University of Arizona has shown that there has been local extinction happening in some species already. This has happened in some warm areas. The study shows that even with a slight increase in temperature, the effect on the ecosystem balance can already be great. The severity of this will only be much more if temperature increase would become greater, according to Science Daily.

The effect of extinction might, later on, be felt by communities as well. Humans depend on plants and animals for food. Once extinction would reach even on food sources, this will have great consequences on community survival.

Extinction of species has so far varied by region, as Newswise reports. Some regions might be greatly affected, while others are not as much. Such differences should be studied more carefully as this could show what variables are slowing extinction in some regions. These variables could be applied then to regions that are much more affected.

Climate change is already happening. This is disturbing the ecosystem so much and is changing its delicate balance. Extinction is seen across many plant and animal species. The dramatic decline in the ecosystem is seen due to climate change. An example of how the climate is changing is polar bear population declining as polar ice melts.

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