Battlefield 1 Update: Free DLC Giant Shadow Arrives Next Week

The final details about the upcoming DLC for Battlefield 1, which is the Giant's Shadow, have already been made public by Electronics Arts yesterday. The early access for those who have purchased the Premium Pass for the Battlefield 1 will be available on Dec. 13. However those who do not have the Premium Pass will have to wait until Dec. 20. The Battlefield 1 Giant Shadow DLC is completely free.

Giant Shadow is considered as the first major post-launch content that has been released for Battlefield 1. It is also the only currently announced free DLC release. The DLC contains a single map named Giant Shadow and a load of weapons meant for the Grenade Crossbow Support classes. The map is an important addition to the expansion pack, however the DLC is thin in its overall characteristic. Additionally, its first premium expansion will not be arriving until March.

There will be certainly new content for the holiday season and it would certainly give new insights for players who have already been playing Battlefield 1 since October. The Battle of Selle is the main focus of the Giant Shadow's map. The battle is set during the Hundred Days Offensive of the West wherein Germany is pushed out of France and it marked the end of the war.

In addition, the Battlefield 1 map will be focusing on a place that is located in the vicinity of the shadow of a giant downed blimp. A powerful armed trained is also included in order to make the map more dynamic. There are combined forces from Canada, United Kingdom, and New Zealand which made the German forces retreat during the historic battle, according to Game Rant.

Battlefield 1 is available for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The Giant Shadow DLC is available for free.


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