VR Headset For iPhone Is Now Available, Thanks To Bridge Headset

VR Headset is a must for techy people especially nowadays because 2016 considered as the virtual reality year. Bridget is a virtual robot and only existed on the Apple iPhone that was powering Occipital's new “mixed reality” headset. That headset is what we called Bridge.

VR Headset For iPhone Is Now Available, Thanks To Bridge Headset

According to The Verge, Bridge is a lot like any other mobile VR headset: you snap in an iPhone 6, 6S, or 7; strap it on your head and enjoy smartphone-powered virtual reality. It even comes with a Bluetooth remote that can handle some motion, similar to what you get with Google’s Daydream VR headset.

Bridge is like a mix between Microsoft’s HoloLens augmented reality glasses and the Samsung Gear VR, though it’s priced closer to the latter. It will be available in limited quantities (several hundred or so) starting next week for $499, and Occipital is planning a wider release in March where it will sell for $399.

Occipital Is A Big Opportunity

The startup created its Structure Sensor iPad accessory specifically to take detailed, real-time scans of a room, as per Mashable. It occurred to the creators that if they built the sensor into a VR headset, that headset would have room-scale VR powers along the lines of the HTC Vive, where virtual objects are not only mixed with the real world, but can also interact with the viewer and the environment on the fly.

Many reports are saying that Occipital is really a great opportunity. As Engadget reported, Occipital has a solid track record of solving the tricky problems that pop up when blurring boundaries between worlds. That's why the team's new mixed reality, the Bridge, seems so impressive right out of the gate.

Bridge vs Other VR Headsets

With the Bridge, Occipital wants to use its sensor tech to catapult into a leadership position in VR, at least as far as the iPhone is concerned. It's a smart, if riskily ambitious strategy. With Samsung and Google dominating the conversation on Android and Oculus and HTC locking up the high end, that leaves the iPhone as the last major frontier for VR to conquer.


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