Why The 'iPhone 8' Will Feature Classic LCD Screen? OLED Display Dished Out

The iPhone 8 will feature what will probably be Apple's biggest screen upgrade since the introduction of the now old retina display: an OLED screen that would definitely offer users an even better iPhone experience. However, only one of the three iPhone 8 units that are expected next year will be shipped with an OLED display.

OLED on future iPhones

OLED technology has already reached a point where it is affordable to use on the iPhone, a move that Apple kept on postponing due to cost and supply problems. But screen supply will not be able to meet Apple's requirements, and only two iPhone 8 versions will be launched with LCD displays. Apple has been doing some impressive things with LCD technology on the iPhone 7 and the iPad Pro, but experts still insist that LCD displays won't ever match OLEDs.

Panasonic came up with an alternative

But right now, it turns out that at least one company is working on technology that can potentially make LCD great again. Panasonic came up with some LCD screens that are simply amazing Panasonic's newest technology will control the light on a pixel-by-pixel basis, which is similar to what happens with OLED panels.

New type of LCD similar to OLED

A new layer of light-modulating cells will permit pixel-by-pixel control of backlight intensity. That means a Panasonic LCD is able to feature deeper blacks and better colors in future products, which is very much similar to what an OLED screen has to offer.

Panasonic will not partner with Apple

Sadly, Panasonic isn't an iPhone LCD display supplier. The new LCD technology is mainly used for TV sets, but Panasonic isn't doing TV either. The company will instead be making LCD displays for medical and automatic contexts, as per a report.

Attracting Apple

However, it is likely that Panasonic's competitors will be more than willing to replicate this LCD innovation and adapt it for other devices, which would include the iPhones. Apple's attention will always be peeled on an LCD display that can offer OLED-like performance for a lower price.

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