‘Suits’ Season 6: Major Cast Reshuffle In The Works?

By Jen Aguilar , Dec 10, 2016 10:59 PM EST
When "Suits" season 6 returns, there is a possibility that a cast reshuffle will happen due to personal and professional conflicts of the characters. (Photo : TelevisionPromos/YouTube)

When Gina Torres left the popular legal drama “Suits,” various speculations chase the show. From cancellation to departure of other cast members, the soap did not get away with rumors.

Can the press and fans be blamed with different theories hitting the show and its characters? Gina Torres’ Jessica Pearson’s role is nothing short of crucial in the “Suits” so her departure is anticipated to spark numerous stories.

To recall, episode 10 of the program’s current season saw Jessica’s unexpected exit from the Pearson Specter Litt law firm that she co – created. As revealed in the storyline, she decided to step down from her promising career and joined her romance partner Jeff Malone (D.B. Woodside) in Chicago instead.

The actress hinted that her leaving of the drama is not permanent.

“Don’t count Jessica out on Suits, ‘cause those boys are going to mess up and they’re going to have to call me. I believe that. I don’t know when, I don’t know how, but that story’s not done, ‘cause everybody comes back,” Torres said in an interview.

Series creator Aaron Korsh is in sync with Torres’ statements. In fact, he assured the supporters of the series that no other major character will be leaving "Suits" Season 6.

"It's a long run. I never would have guessed that Jessica would have left."

Following the completion of the second half of the sixth installment, photos from the set have been released online via Sarah Rafferty. In the said snaps, Rafferty is joined by co-stars Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams and Rick Hoffman.

Meanwhile, the upcoming continuation of USA’s hit soap is rumored to have a major cast reshuffle.

Louis Litt and Harvey Specter have to make a firm decision whether they can lease the firm area or not, so as to produce enough revenue. With Litt’s engagement with Tara, it’s likely that he’ll be more pre-occupied with his romantic relationship than his career. It is interesting how Specter will respond should Litt take a different route and neglect his professional responsibilities.

If Harvey and Louis will not reach their common denominator, there is a great chance that they will hire a new partner. Rumors have it that Donna or Mike Ross are ideal candidates for the said slot. Another possibility is that Robert Zane, father of Rachel Zane might be one of their reliable alliances. Wait, there’s William Sutter, a major Wall Street player to join as the third member of the firm’s board. With a strong lineup, who fits the role better?

Next is Mike’s refusal with Harvey’s offer of having him as the firm’s consultant. With Jessica’s absence, Mike will allegedly change his decision and is likely to help Harvey rebuild and redeem the law company. How is he going to do that since he has his own issues following his exit from jail due to fraud? Does he deserve the trust of Harvey?

Now, we have a thrilling comeback of “Suits” season 6 on Jan. 25.

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