Honda Civic Type R Sets Eyes On Taking Back Nurburgring Crown

The Honda Civic Type R has set its eyes on taking back its Nurburgring crown as it attempts to break the record in 2017. Earlier this year, the Golf GTI Clubsport S from Volkswagen challenged the front wheel drive (FWD) Nurburgring lap record of the Honda Civic Type R and the former managed to take down the latter in two different occasions.

Beating Its Own Record

According to a report from Car Buzz, the main objective of Honda is to beat its own best record time of 7:50.63. Apparently, if the Honda Civic Type R manages to beat the time of others, it will just be a bonus for the automaker. "I think it's fair to assume that we'll pursue our own personal best record, and if it beats out other cars that have run the 'Ring, even better," said a Honda spokesperson in a report. Regarding how Honda will do it remains to be seen. Last time, Honda took out the air conditioning unit to make the Civic lighter but it did not modify anything else as reported.

The Opponent

The current record holder at present, Volkswagen's Golf GTI Clubsport S held no punches back last time. It was reported by Autoblog that Volkswagen's record holder does not have a lot of things that are usually found in an everyday car such as floor mats, armrests and rear seats. In addition, the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S also made use of a smaller battery unit and removed a lot of sound proofing materials in the car. This move makes a lot of sense given the fact that less weight allows the car to go faster and therefore be able to set a better lap time.

Will The Civic Type R Succeed?

Whether the Honda Civic Type R becomes successful in breaking the FWD Nurburgring record or not remains to be seen. What is certain however, fans and enthusiasts will be able to witness an interesting battle in 2017 as the Honda Civic sets its eyes again on that lost on Nurburgring crown.

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