Blizzard Steps In To Help Overwatch Player Recover From Loot Box Disaster

For an Overwatch player, losing exclusive loot boxes and suddenly finding their in-game currency drop down to negative figures would be a total disaster. But this is exactly what happened to one player. The good thing? Blizzard Entertainment stepped in to the rescue.

The Disaster That Started It all

Overwatch player Kaleptik just downloaded the Eichenwalde update for the game. But all of a sudden, his in-game currency dipped terrifyingly low at -42,535 credits. In short, Kaleptik is now in debt after managing to unlock every loot box he earned during the Summer Games event. He even bought 300 more but was surprised to see a mysterious set of loot boxes appearing and disappearing from his account even though he did not make any more purchase.

By Sept. 13, "shit went down" on Kaleptik and half of his player icons, voice lines and many skins were locked for use. It's also the time when he experienced getting a -42,535 for his In-Game currency. By then, he has shared his story on Reddit. Luckily, an employee from Blizzard saw his post and offered to help.

PayPal And Microsoft Are The Ones To Blame

Kaleptik was playing Overwatch on Xbox so the problem might probably on Microsoft's end. In turn, Microsoft said that they have no control whatsoever with the servers of Overwatch since it's not a game that they have developed. But as it turns out, the blame is really on the part of Microsoft. This is what happened: Kaleptik bought loot boxes and paid using PayPal. But PayPal had a chargeback that quickly got reversed. The servers at Microsoft were only able to detect the former incident but not the other one.

Blizzard Steps In To The Rescue

Even if it's not really their mistake, Blizzard decided to give Kaleptik an early Christmas gift in the form of 500 loot boxes. It is a gift that's beyond the clouds given that 400 of those loot boxes are special boxes from Overwatch's Summer Games event. Blizzard definitely went overboard with helping Kaleptik who took an hour and 45 minutes to open all his "gifts."  Without a doubt, Blizzard Entertainment cares a lot for its players and Kaleptik's story is one proof of that.

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