What's Next After HBO's 'Westworld'? J.J. Abrams Answers

After the hit series of HBO's 'Westworld', fans are now asking what could happen next. And it seems like the channel are not yet done on its surprises for the viewers. According to some sources, J.J. Abrams' of Bad Robot Productions is on the verge of making 'Glare'. Here's everything we know regarding the show.

J.J Abrams All Set To Produce 'Glare', Would It Meet The Viewers' Standard

According to The Rolling Stone, 'Glare' would be a space drama that would focus on colonization of different planets. J.J. Abrams would be working with Javier Gullón on the script and production of the series.

After the long success of 'Westworld', this would be the second show that Bad Robot would be producing for HBO. J.J Abrams already made a name in the industry when he already earned credits for different dramas such as: Roadies, Person of Interest and Lost. With this, fans are of highest hopes that Abram would still remain brilliant in the show that he would be making.

Furthermore, Abrams has been busy this year because of Star Trek Beyond and 10 Cloverfield Lane. Right now, he's still working with multiple projects in his field of expertise, a great indicator that J.J. Abrams is already 'The J.J. Abrams'

'Westworld' Confirmed Having Its Second Season, Here's Why It Is Considered A Great Success

On the other hand, it has been viral news when 'Westworld' was revealed to have its second season in 2018. Fans are hoping that because of its popularity, it would not be hard for the show to have succeeding installments in the near future.

Recent reports told that besides the series' storyline, the character's dialogue had a great contribution on the success of the show. Furthermore, compelling plots and brilliant characters were also added on the list of the reasons why 'Westworld' is a must-watch.

Viewers from all over the world are craving for such-kinds of stories that would impact people from different generations.

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