'Dragon Ball Super' Episode 71 Speculations: Saddest Episode To Date After Goku Dies In Hit's Hands

By Marion Villareal , Dec 11, 2016 04:41 PM EST

The upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 is rumored to be one of the saddest episodes to happen in the anime series, as protagonist Son Goku is allegedly going to die in the hands of Hit as the latter is being paid to kill him.

"Dragon Ball Super" Episode 71: Hit Being Sent And Paid To Kill Son Goku In A Battle Between Universes

There has been an official synopsis that in the upcoming episode 71 of "Dragon Ball Super," an assassin form a different universe will be sent to kill Son Goku, well known as Hit. He and Goku had already crossed paths in the past, during another tournament between the two universes. However, Hit was not allowed to kill Goku at the time, thus his true powers and potential were not met during the past encounter. However, reports have claimed that Hit will be back and this time, he is paid to kill Goku. Even though a Super Saiyan, Goku could still possibly meet his demise with Hit.

Official Title Of Upcoming Episode For "Dragon Ball Super" Released: Contains Goku And His Possible Death

While adding more fuel to the fire, the official title of the upcoming episode 71 of "Dragon Ball Super" has already been released, although it was in Japanese. When translated into English, it has been reported that the title could go two ways. One, it could mean "Death to Goku! A Hit-Job That Can't Be Refused" and the other, "Goku Dies! An Assassination Order that Must Be Performed." The upcoming episode could go in so many ways, but one thing is for sure, the fate of Goku shall be in great danger. With Hit's capabilities still not known and discovered, Goku may find it hard to defeat him and win this battle.

Thus, many fans of the series believe that the upcoming "Dragon Ball Super" episode 71 could already be the end of their favorite Super Saiyan, Son Goku. Although there may still be a possibility that he could survive this, it is unclear whether or not he will. For now, the fans are waiting for its release date to answer all their questions about Goku and his fate in the universe.

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