WWE Replaces Superstar John Cena, Here Are The Wrestlers You Should Keep An Eye On

For quite some time, John Cena has owned the wrestling stage. He has won different championship belts to prove his skills and charisma. With this, he is tagged as the face of the sports making his name a lot popular than any other wrestlers of this world. But with the new league of wrestlers coming his way, would he still be able to keep his fame?

John Cena Loses Fame In Wrestling, New Names Already Rise Up

According to Inquisitr, John Cena has not been visible in the wrestling stage after multiple commitments outside the sports and his various injuries. With this, recent speculations had been fueled up that Cena is planning to take a rest longer than what he has expected. This news made the wrestling company to be disappointed to the sports icon. Because of this, they are in constant pursuit of knowing who could be the next John Cena.

Here are some of the names that Forbes gave out in one of its reviews:

1. Finn Balor

The wrestler is widely known in NXT. He has won several fights with other wrestlers and has proven himself worthy of the spot. Balor has been compared to Cena due to the similarities of both wrestlers. They are the same when it comes to the charisma they could give in the viewers.

Balor has been well-loved because of his uniqueness, strength and abilities.

2. AJ Styles

With his over-all performance in the stage, he could actually be the next John Cena Sources told that Styles has been blatantly attempting to replace Cena as the face of the entire WWE.

He names himself as 'The Face That Runs The Place'. Fans are in great awe of what AJ could do in the ring. Despite his age, he has never been slow and weak. He also gets different reactions from the viewers that could indicate that they love him.

With all of this, it is believed that Cena has a lot of working opportunities outside wrestling and getting him the position would not greatly affect the artist.

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