Reasons Why The Google Pixel Is A Cool Phone

Google Pixel
A photo of a beautiful woman holding the Google Pixel. Photo : Google/YouTube

The Google Pixel phones have had a love and hate relationship with its fans and critics. Some still love it and some still hate it. I will be honest, I've written a few negative articles about the Pixel phones, but one cannot deny that it is quite a powerful phone.

I was searching for articles online when I stumbled upon this article posted at Life Hacker. Given that it's almost Christmas, I thought to myself that I should be kind. Here are some good reasons why the Google Pixel is a cool phone to have.

Google Pixel's My Day Feature

The My Day is one of the features of the Google Assistant. If you gave the Google Assistant the voice command, "Okay, Google, tell me about my day'" the Google Assistant will give you brief information about the weather, traffic, news, and etc. You can even customize what type of information you want in the settings.

Google Pixel's Trivia Game Play With Assistant

Ever wanted to compete in a game show where intelligence is the only weapon? Well, you can have a practice play with the Google Assistant where you can play a quick game of trivia for 5 questions. To do this, just say the magic words, "play Lucky Trivia," and the game will be launched.

Google Pixel's Split Mode Screen

How many times have you tried watching a video; getting interrupted and forced to minimized it from time to time by a chat notification? We all did, right? Let's be honest, we love and care for that person, but at times like that you just wish you could be left alone, at least until you finish the video. Thankfully, the Google Pixel has a feature that lets the user to open 2 apps at once by splitting its screen in half.

Google Pixel's Free Wallpapers

Google Pixel users get free wallpapers every day. And if you're thinking about free crappy giveaway wallpapers, rest easy because they're not. They are quite beautiful and well-thought wallpapers. Also, some of them serve a practical purpose, like its Horizontal wallpaper that shows a sunrise when you charge your phone will even go down as the battery's power fades.

Google Pixel's Notification Light

Personally, I'm a forgetful person or someone who doesn't care to check his/her own phone from time to time if there are any important notifications. With the Google Pixel, it has a feature that offers the user to turn on its notification light which for me is very, very helpful. To do this, just go to settings, then notifications, then gear icon, and then switch on the pulse notifications light.

Google Pixel's Avoid and Block Spam Calls

I remember one time I was playing this online mobile game and I was in a crucial final battle one-on-one PVP match. We were both very low on HP and I was about to deliver the final blow when suddenly an incoming call from an unknown caller popped up on my screen. You could probably guess how I felt and was lucky enough that my phone's screen did not crack.

Anyway, the Google Pixel has a feature that lets the user block and screen calls easily. You can turn on this feature within the dialer setting. Oh, about the reason why the caller had to call me around 10:30 PM was just to say hello and ask how I was. FYI I did not shout at her, I just answered her questions short and quick and said good night. God bless her beautiful soul.

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