Former Minister Confessed That The FBI Planned An Operation Set Up To Frame Julian Assange

The Icelandic former minister Ögmundur Jonasson confessed that the U.S. sent numerous FBI agents to frame WikiLeaks leader Julian Assange in a mission in Iceland five years ago. Apparently, the details of this operation were known in 2013. But today´s member of the Icelandic parliament refused to give any information about what happened.

FBI´s Willingness Was Very Suspicious

However, the former minister broke his silence yesterday about what took place back in those years. He explained that what happened was: some U.S. authorities reached out to him and told him that there were some hackers set on destroying Iceland´s government database and that the FBI was going to send some agents to investigate and solve the situation. Apparently, the former minister was suspicious about what the authorities told him and was totally skeptical about FBI´s real intentions in this operation. Remembering this tense moment, Jonasson told the media that he knew that the thing about an agency that was extremely interested in providing support could easily become a manipulating hand.

The Former Minister Supports WikiLeaks And Julian Assange

The former minister told that he realized what the original plan of the U.S. authorities was, once the FBI agents arrived to the country in August. In fact, he confessed that the reason for the American agency to visit Iceland was only to determine the cooperation of the Icelandic government in an operation set up to frame Julian Assange and the transparency radical organization.

Once he saw the whole picture, the former minister apparently had a discussion with the FBI agents, in which he told that cracking down WikiLeaks was not on his agenda, and if he was forced to pick sides in that situation, he would support the non-profit organization since he believed the importance of protecting the whistleblowers. At that moment, he ordered the agents to cease all activities in the country and forced them to leave.

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