Tiger Woods Is Back Playing Golf, Is Rory Mcllroy Worried?

Tiger Woods' Beautiful Golf Shots 2016 Hero World Challenge PGA Tournament
Tiger Woods' Beautiful Golf Shots 2016 Hero World Challenge PGA Tournament Photo : 1 Step to Better Golf / YouTube

Once tagged as the greatest golfer in the history is making its comeback. Tiger Woods showed us the other day that he still has his magic. Fans were happy to see the old Tiger back and he didn’t disappoint them.

Tiger Woods And His Accomplishments

Tiger Woods doesn’t need any introduction. He will go down in the history as one of the best who ever do it. He will be constantly compared to two great sporting figures. He is perceived as the Muhammad Ali or Michael Jordan of Golf. Tiger Woods is impervious to pressure. Like his name, he is very calm and calculated. He didn’t won numerous awards and titles just because of him being lucky. He puts constant effort to his game and that made him successful.

Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods has been one of the highest paid athletes for several years. Here are some of Tiger’s accomplishments. Tiger won his first major title in 1997 at the Masters Tournament. He was able to win the Masters Tournament for 4 times and he didn’t stop there. He also won the U.S Open 3 times, PGA Championship 4 times and Open Championship 3 times. That is why he is hailed and tagged as a bad man in the golf course.

Tiger Woods Infidelity Scandal

The issue that killed Tiger Woods career. As mentioned, Tiger was perceived as the GOAT and a respectable person. However, the sporting world was stunned when the news about infidelity circled the former Masters’ Tournament champion. Woods was linked to a club manager named Rachel Utchitel which he denied. Tiger lost a lot of endorsements and money during the fiasco. The world thought that this would be the last time we will see Tiger.

Tiger Is Roaring Back In The Golf Course

It is always a nice sight to see that one of your idols is back doing what he does best, He looks like the old Tiger that we all know. He looks calm, at peace, and wears his signature smile. Yesterday while they were on break, Tiger played catch with Roger Clemens. The fans were delighted with what is happening because it is the first time that they saw Tiger Woods happy after the fiasco. During the interview, Tiger shared his thoughts about his comeback.

“It feels good to be back out here playing again, competing and trying to beat these, the best players in the world. I missed it,” Woods said. “I’ve had some very, very difficult times, and have some great friends that have helped me over the times to get me to this point, and I’m just so thankful to be back here playing again.” In other news, some sources states that Rory Mcllroy is a little bit worried with Tiger’s comeback. He knows that Tiger Woods can still perform to the highest level and he might be his toughest competition.

Although there were no confirmation if this is true or not, Rory Mcllroy is a champion on in its own. He was able to prove himself numerous times against legends and he won’ back down with any challenges. For now, let us enjoy what we have and pray that one day, Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods will battle out for one more title.

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