Photography Tips For iPhone Users, Be A Professional Smartphone Photographer!

We can deny the fact that the Apple iPhone is arguably the most popular camera in the world right now. Even it is a top camera among smartphones, there are still tricks to better smartphone photography. Using only the great features of the Apple iPhone, here are some tips to have a pro-like photos.

Photography Tips For iPhone Users

Ryan Pernofski is based on the New South Wales south coast and shoots photographs while he’s surfing with his iPhone in an Optrix case. He has recently published a book of his photos called Salt and Light. Here are his tips to make your photos worth to see.

  1. Look for Light: Light variations, including variations in the light source, dramatically affect the colour and mood/ feel of your photo. Look for where the light is coming from. There are so many subtle tones and colors that only really come from natural light - whether it’s the sun shining through the face of a wave or through a nearby window onto a subject.
  2. Look for tension: Tension in a photograph occurs when something is unresolved and keeps the viewer questioning what will happen next. In photos, tension can be created by making something still that is not usually still. I think this is why photos of breaking waves are captivating.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Camera Portrait

According to Indian Express, Apple has put out some tips for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus photography, and these are helpful for those trying to figure out the new Portrait Mode, Zoom and other new features in the camera. Some tips are the following:

Tap and hold anywhere on the scene to lock AE/AF, then slide your finger up or down to nudge exposure up or down to get the perfect light in your shot.

  • Take video in landscape for the best video capture.
  • Adjust Camera settings to enable “Record Video at 60 FPS” to capture 1080p HD video.
  • Lock the Auto Exposure and Auto Focus by pressing and holding anywhere you want on the display.
  • Pay attention to the guide in Portrait mode that tells you if you need more light in the shot.
  • If shooting more than one person, make sure to keep in the same plane so the subjects stay sharp.
  • Try to have little ones stand still when taking your photo.
  • Set a timer for three seconds or 10 seconds so the photographer can get  the shot, or ask a friend/neighbor to help out.

The iPhone 7 Plus has a Portrait mode that mimics the shallow depth of field you get when shooting with a DSLR, according to a report. The first thing to know about Portrait mode is that it’s not just for portraits. You can use it with shots of objects in nature, or pets, or any object you want to highlight through the depth of field.


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