Skype Has Competition, Viber App For Windows Phone 8 To Release Soon

Viber, the free popular cross-platform VoIP and messaging app, is soon set to release for Windows Phone 8-powered phones if recent reports are to be believed.

Earlier in March, Viber Media Inc. revealed via a Twitter post that the VoIP update for the app would be releasing very soon and now Viber's CEO Talmon Marco has confirmed that the update for the Windows Phone 8 is on course and is in the final stages of development.

Viber made quite an impact when it exclusively hit Nokia Lumia Windows Phone 7.5 powered devices; however, the app has taken a longer than expected time to make its Windows Phone 8 debut.

The folks at TruTower, a blog that covers pretty much everything related to VoiIP, reached out to Marco who disclosed the company's future plans fpr Windows Phone and Windows 8.

"Viber for Windows Phone 8 is in final development stages. We should have it real soon. We will be supporting all Windows Phone 8 devices," Marco said in an interview to TruTower.

This time round, the Viber app will not be exclusive to Lumia devices via the Nokia Collection, but available to all Windows Phone 8 devices. Marco let on that currently the company does not have any plans of announcing anything for Windows 8 PC, but it is looking at all platforms.

"We are looking at all platforms, but have nothing to announce at this point in time," noted Marco.

The CEO also revealed that Viber for BB10, as announced by BlackBerry, was in development but did not give an exact date of release. Marco, however, mentioned that "it should take less than the time it took us to deliver Viber for the previous generation of BB device."

Viber is also set to introduce new stickers with the release of the next version.

Pundits are looking at Viber as the app to watch in 2013. With over 175 million active users already in action and an average of 400,000 starting to use the service, Viber is fast emerging as a strong competitor to Skype.

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