Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumor Roundup: Foldable Screen, Missing Headphone Jack, Dual Speakers And Everything Else We Know So Far

Samsung is pinning its hopes to the Galaxy S8 to take the company out of the doldrums.

Almost everybody who's ever held a smartphone knows what happened to Samsung this year. For those who have been hiding under a rock for quite some time now, Samsung's Galaxy Note 7 was a disaster.

A massive recall and eventual stoppage of production were necessary to deal with the Galaxy Note 7 and its exploding batteries.

To make up for the fiasco, the Korean tech giant is making sure the S8 will be great enough to make people forget the Note 7. Here are some of the possible features of the new Samsung device:


The next flagship phone will be the first to have 4K resolution. Because of the updated resolution, the Galaxy S8 will be the perfect device for virtual reality.


Probably one of the biggest news about the next Samsung flagship phone is that it will have a foldable OLED screen. A prototype of a flexible phone has been in existence since 2008 and rumors say Samsung may finally take it out of the shelf for the new Galaxy S8.

Home Button

Ike its fiercest rival, Samsung is toying with the idea of a phone without a home button. Samsung plans to use an all-glass design wherein the home button will be integrated beneath the glass. The bezels will also be greatly minimized.


The loudest camera rumor for the S8 is that it will sport dual lens. Other rumors say otherwise, however, indicating the phone will have a single lens camera.

Headphone Jack

One rumor that has stirred a bit of controversy is Samsung's supposed plan to ditch the headphone jack. Apple has already done so and the reviews have not been positive. This makes one wonder why Samsung is treading the same path considering that striking with the headphone jack will win it customers that would still like to use the said jack.

Dual Speakers

With Harman on board, expect the S8 to have one of the best speakers in a mobile device ever. A rumor from FoneArena also indicated that Samsung is planning on dual speaker and surround sound for the S8.

Release Date

Samsung usually releases its devices on late February or early March but some believe that a January release is possible due to the company's desire to move past the Note 7 as quickly as possible. But some people also believe that Samsung has learned its lessons and will take its time to thoroughly test the gadget before releasing it to the public. In that case, an April release is being considered.

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