Samsung Galaxy S3 Lock Screen Bug Fix Released: Download It Now

The makers of Lookout, an Android security app, released a fix on Monday March 11 that remedies the Galaxy S3 lock screen bypass bug.

The fix can be accessed via the Lookout Mobile Security Android app on Google Play and can be used for the Galaxy S3, S3 Mini and Note 2. In the meantime, Samsung says that it will issue its own fix "shortly."

"An official device patch is expected from Samsung shortly," Lookout posted on its blog, "and we recommend that users update their devices as soon as the patch is released."

The bug, discovered last week, allows someone to get past the device's lock screen. It can be exposed through a series of five steps, including canceling an emergency call, accessing emergency contacts and hitting the home and power buttons. Lookout abates the bug by detecting when the emergency contact dialer has been backgrounded, then bringing it to the forefront to prevent access to the rest of the device.

"Lookout users are also protected if the phone is lost or stolen when using 'Lock' from Lookout's web app," the blog states.

The release of the fix comes just three days before the official launch of the Galaxy S4. The new smartphone will be unveiled at an event in New York City Thursday and is expected to be one of the most popular mobile devices of the year.

If you own a Galaxy S3, here are Lookout's tips on how to stay safe, as listed on its website:

"Download the Lookout Mobile Security app from Google Play or update the app to version 8.10.2.

Protect your phone like you protect your wallet. Keep your phone close to your person and avoid leaving it out in open places.

Watch out for a Samsung Galaxy S3, Note 2 and S3 Mini system update and install it as soon as it is released."

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