DJI Mavic Pro Accessories You Can Buy Right Now

The DJI Mavic Pro is quite the most popular drone in the market right now. It is a compact drone that has portable arms and it also has a great capture quality. If you're interested in getting this drone, here's a quick info for you.

DJI Mavic Pro Prices

Right now, you can get the DJI Mavic Pro at the DJI website for $999. However, its shipment won't start until about 7 weeks from order confirmation. The same thing is true about the Mavic Pros to be purchased in other retailers. Shipment won't start immediately. If you're not in a hurry there's no reason to worry. You can get the Mavic Pro now either solo or in bundles. The bundle can go up to $1300 and include a lot of things like a charging hub, a car charger, a Mavic bag and more.

DJI Mavic Pro Accessories

If you already have the DJI Mavic Pro and are planning to buy more accessories for your drone, the company has a few things that you can get almost immediately. The Mavic Intelligent Flight battery is sold for $89 with a shipment schedule of 5-7 days from payment confirmation. The Quick-release folding propellers are available for $9, the Mavic Shoulder Bag for $79, and the Car Charger for $49. All these have the same 5-7 days shipment. The Mavic Battery Charging Hub is available for $39 but it won't ship until about 20-25 business days from payment.

DJI Mavic Pro Delay Update

As of now, it looks like the Mavic Pro shipment is already being handled well. Retailers continuously ship out the Mavic Pro to early buyers and they now post a more viable shipping date for current buyers. Different retailers like B&H, Drone World and Amazon has already been sending out their early Mavic Pro orders and so does DJI. If you're looking to buy the Mavic Pro, there's no need to worry for failed shipments as DJI already gives out a farther shipment date so as to make sure that they have enough time to cater to your order. If you don't mind waiting about seven weeks for your Mavic Pro, you can snag it now for $999.

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