NBA Trade Rumors: Pistons Not Interested In Paul George Trade; George Stuck With The Pacers

Paul George
OAKLAND, CA - DECEMBER 5: Paul George #13 of the Indiana Pacers shoots a free throw during the game against Golden State Warriors on December 5, 2016 at ORACLE Arena in Oakland, California. Photo : Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Paul George of the Indiana Pacers has been the subject of multiple NBA trade rumors in just a week where he was speculated to join other rosters as he hits the free agency class next year. However, acquiring this 26-year-old rising superstar might be impossible for other teams as the Pacers already expressed their intention to practice their "right of first refusal."

George is undeniably an asset to the Pacers. This three-time NBA All-Star player has grown his career rapidly and is now earning $18.31. Like Curry and other players who just got past their rookie contracts, George is one notable player so it's not a surprise if other NBA teams want to pick him next season. The Celtics and the Lakers were the first teams appearing on the trade rumor headlines in the past week, but among those linked to George, the Pistons rumors seemed to be the most hyped.

While the suggested deal seems worth examining, it is also possible for the Detroit Pistons to lose a lot in the said offer since they are to send away three of their future possible superstars. The Pistons and Pacers swap speculation suggests Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Tobias Harris and Stanley Johnson to head to the Pacers in exchange for George and Monta Ellis. The deal might not be viable for both teams as these trade pieces are valuable to their respective teams. So if it occurs to you that you fell for the Piston-Pacers trade offer, the speculation is far from materializing at least for now.

George is currently making 20.8 points, 7.4 rebounds and 3.2 assists for his team this season. For an ace player, this is still a decent performance but with how he plays, the Pacers admit that they see a great future ahead of them with George leading them to the playoffs. Entering the finals may not be possible for the Pacers for now since they are out of the top 8 of the Eastern Conference, but teaming him up with other great players might give him the break he needs to bring out the champ in him. This is why the Pacers are not willing to part with him just yet even if the trade suggestion might work for them. The team might rather look into acquiring more versatile players to work alongside George.

If the trade happens though, it is said that the Pistons are guaranteed to benefit as they are getting the best player out of the said trade. Teaming up George with Pistons aces like Andre Drummond, Marcus Morris, Reggie Jackson would probably turn the Pistons into a formidable team. Yet, there will be a lacking factor in this possible grouping as they would need to improve on their shooting skills.

A better trade rumor then came out, suggesting C.J. Miles would head to the Pistons for Morris. Miles is making name on the three-point shooting spree and this will help the Pistons in their offense strategy. The Pistons might have a chance at getting into the playoffs but their luck might as well be enhanced by taking in a shooter in their roster. This will also complement the Pacers as Morris himself is a decent shooter.

Following these swirling rumors, Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy said last Friday that this trade will not work out for both teams, hence slamming the rumors. As the speculation started to spread like wildfire last week, Gundy has debunked the talks saying that there are already too many unsubstantiated reports involving his team. "Like somebody thinks of an idea, and then they write it into an article as if they've really got a source," he said. "I'd like to know the source is, because that guy should talk to us," he continued.

With this, it will then be quite impossible to see George or anyone from the Pacers heading to the Pistons next summer as Gundy is decided to keep his lineup as is.

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