'Limitless' Season 2 Confirmed? Crossover With 'Breaking Bad' Happening Soon?

"Limitless" Season 2 has been a blur ever since it was reported that the network might pull the plug in the series. However, fans of the show have a new spark of hope as reports of the series being renewed have been rampant recently plus a crossover with "Breaking Bad" as a bonus.

CBS' "Limitless" Season 2 has been the subject of cancelation rumors for months now. In fact, the network itself already announced that the series will be off the air for good. However, avid fans of the series will not give up easily.

Despite CBS' firm stand on canceling "Limitless," fans continue to voice out their desire to renew the series. It was reported that die-hard fans of the show launched an online petition which aims to get the green light for "Limitless" Season 2. The said petition gathered over 40,000 signatures with only 2000 more left to be filled in.

Considering the growing number of supporters of "Limitless," it remains unclear as to why Netflix and Amazon opted not to pick it up for season 2. There were claims that the decline in viewership was the main reason for rejecting the show. In addition, the show is also known for tackling sensitive issues like drug abuse which makes it more difficult to be picked up by another network.

However, new reports surfaced online claiming that "Limitless" Season 2 is still highly possible to happen. In fact, the series will even up their game with the alleged crossover with "Breaking Bad." According to reports, the "Limitless-Breaking Bad" crossover will feature the drug escapades of Pinkman and Finch. However, these claims have not been proven yet so fans should take the news with a grain of salt.

Although the crossover may sound like good news, some were skeptical claiming that the idea is far-fetched considering that "Limitless" is from CBS while "Breaking Bad" is from AMC. Either way, having both in the same show may not be a bad idea at all.

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