'Kenka Bancho Otome' Gets Animated TV Series; Set To Premiere In 2017

The hit PS Vita game "Kenka Bancho Otome" will get its own short animated series called "Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys." The romance adventure-themed series is set to premiere next year.

Spike Chinsoft recently announced that Japanese animation studio, Project No. 9, has been confirmed to produce an animated TV series titled "Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys" based on the popular video game. The said series will have a 10-minute run each episode and is set premiere in Japan in Spring 2017.

Many fans were ecstatic about the news as they anticipate the anime adaptation of the hit video game. To recall, "Kenka Bancho Otome" game follows the story of Hinako Nakaya, an orphan who suddenly reunites with her twin brother, Hikaru. Hikaru asks Hinako to take his place at Shishiku Academy, an all-boy high school known for its rough and delinquent students.

Just like in the game, "Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys" animated TV series will also feature all five gorgeous male characters in addition to several new ones. The series will also feature Love Desire's "Love Sniper" as its opening and "Gankou Signal" as its closing song.

Love Desire also expressed their enthusiasm about the upcoming "Kenka Bancho Otome: Girl Beats Boys" and even compared its music to the original game's soundtrack.

"I'm Toshiyan from Love Desire. Thank you for letting me sing the theme songs. This is my first time working on an anime so I'm very happy to take part in not only the opening but also in the ending theme. The sound is very similar to the original game so please listen to them!" Toshiyan proudly revealed.

"This time, I'm really pleased to be part of the theme songs. I grew up with anime and video games and they're a still a part of me today. At first, I wasn't familiar with the genre but "Kenka Bancho Otome" drew me into the Otome world. The theme songs match the mood of "Kenko Bancho Otome," so please enjoy them," another band member, Sakuya shared.

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