Prehistoric Allosauraus Skeleton Being Sold At An Auction, Can You Guess How Much It Costs?

A humongous and almost complete dinosaur skeleton has recently been sold for more than £1 million at auction that happened late Saturday in the eastern French city of Lyon, France. The Aguttes auction house has revealed that the allosauraus, a prehistoric and ferocious carnivore named Kan which has been noted as the kind of specie that has became extinct some 135 million years ago, has been sold at a staggering amount of €1.1 million ($1.2 million).

Kan: The Prehistoric Dinosaur Worth A Million Euro, But Is It Really Worth It?

According to reports revealed by Daily Mail, although the buyer who made the purchase over the phone has remained to be anonymous, the auction house's spokesman have said that the skeleton will stay in France and go on display to the public. Reports has it that Kan was allegedly discovered last 2013 in the Jurassic Era Morrison Formation which is noted as an area famous for its dinosaur fossils. Authorities have also explained that the skeleton is almost entirely intact, and experts has revealed that its skull is known to be among the five best-preserved skulls in the world.

Furthermore, The Japan Times has further revealed that the skeleton is three-quarters complete and it apparently shows that Kan is in a running position with its mouth open. It was found that the Aguttes auction house has described the beast as "the archetype of the great predators of the Jurassic era."

Meanwhile, Claude Agutte, the auctioneer who sold the dinosaur has further revealed that this will probably his last hammer blow. He described the prehistoric artifact as the most curious and most unusual object that he has ever had to sell and in his career, it was indeed a great moment to be able to do it. Nevertheless, despite the success of the costly auction of the prehistoric beast, authorities have revealed that dinosaur skeletons are not always easy to sell.

Moreover, recently last November, it was found that an 'exceptionally rare' skeleton of a baby allosaurus that was expected to fetch up to half a million pounds ($754,525) at auction, has failed to have been sold.

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