HGI Smart Home Forum: Showing Off The Future's Foundations

Telecommunications firms and digital home equipment manufacturers will be meeting next week to discuss and display the progress being made within their partnership, the Home Gateway Initiative, at the Telecom Italia Labs in Torino, Italy.

The HGI open forum will meet on March 19 to allow the public a glimpse into how the group is working together to establish a common system of software standards, and what they’ve come up with so far.

Nine major Broadband Service Providers and the companies behind the world’s most prevalent appliances, hardware and software came together in 2004 to form the HGI to look into the issues that would need to be overcome as an industry, to create an industry really.

Next week, the HGI partners will be showing the public what they’ve come up with.

"We will update attendees on the smart-home architecture being developed within the HGI, in cooperation with other standards development organisations and forums,” Duncan Bees, CTO and CBO of HGI, said. “Our member companies are developing the software platform requirements for a range of smart home services being deployed by the Broadband Service Providers and partners.”

While HGI holds similar conferences all over the world, this forum on March 19 will focus on the technologies being developed where the forum is being held in Torino. The event’s host, Telecom Italia Labs, will be opening their own laboratories working on these new technologies during the conference, to show attendees the latest experiments being conducted.

“Following many years of research, digital and IP technologies are beginning to enable the widespread commercial deployment of services that allow consumers to network with home security, energy and management systems," Sandro Dionisi, Head of Telecom Italia Labs, said. “HGI's work has been central to bringing together an ecosystem in Italy now creating an entire industry. The summit will be an opportunity to show interested parties the significant progress we have made in the last year alone.”

HGI also has events lined up over the next several months in Dubai, London, Hong Kong, Berlin, Barcelona, Las Vegas, Sao Paolo and Amsterdam.

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