Twitter Has Unbanned The Account Of A White Nationalist Leader

Social media network Twitter is once again inside the eye of a massive hurricane since it was known that the company decided to unban the account of a famous White nationalist called Richard B Spencer. Mr. Spencer who was previously suspended on November 15 in the wake of the new harassment policies that the platform executed, where it pertains to hate speech or hateful conduct, a crime that Richard was guilty of spreading.

The White Nationalist Was Ban Because He Was Using Multiple Accounts

According to The Guardian, Spencer is one of the most prominent leaders of the "alt-right", a far-right movement that many have characterized as being racist. They have become more notorious since Donald Trump was elected as the Republican nominee. In fact, Spencer was the one who actually coined the name, which he described as some kind of ideology around the European identity.

Apparently, Twitter told the white nationalist that he was not suspended because of his political ideas, but for the fact that he was using multiple accounts, which is forbidden in this platform. Actually, the social network emailed him that creating serial multiple accounts with overlapping use is a violation of the rules. However, the particular detail is that the white nationalist opted for having his main account unsuspended, while other members of the alt-right that were also banned, remained like that.

A Move That Could Have Catastrophic Consequences For Twitter

According to Engadget, a Twitter spokesperson told that the white nationalist, wasn't showing any kind of wrong behavior in the platform, so the fact that he got unsuspended is not strictly illegal or even contradictory. Other members of the group, however, did show abusive conduct towards many other users.

However, this is a move that could have catastrophic consequences for the social media network, given the fact that everyone believes that the white nationalist Richard B Spencer was banned because of the ideology that he represents, instead of the real reason. Considering that this action was supported by a many people, unbanning Spencer will make Twitter lose a lot of users lose faith in them for sure.

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