Battlefield 1 Flare Gun Guide: How To Defeat Enemy With Flare Gun

Battlefield 1 players are familiar with the flare gun and it's not normally use to kill a person. One BF1 player though showed how he uses the flare gun to "instill fear in his enemies".

Flare Gun Normal Use

In Battlefield 1, Scouts use two types of flare guns. The Spot Flares is used to reveal hidden enemy positions especially at night. The Flash Flares on the other hand is use like a flashbang except that you hold and aim it at your enemy. The flare's heat can also inflict substantial damage.

Flare Guns Can Kill

Video presenter Willy Mammoth recently showed how he got to kill enemies using a flare gun. We can only assume that he is using the Flash Flares. It seems the flare gun's intense heat will cause the enemy's clothing to catch fire. It's interesting that see that BF1 players can make flares into lethal weapons. But if your aim is to burn your enemies, why not be a Flame Trooper instead?

Willy did admit it's hard to kill enemies using a flare gun. The appeal though is pulling of such an incredible feat. He also said that using the flare gun kill is more of a psychological effect. It's important to destroy the morale of your opponent by humiliating them.

Battlefield 1 Updates

Battlefield 1 is receiving a new map and weapon. Players can play the new map on Dec. 13 provided they pre-ordered the game or Premium Pass DLC subscribers. The lucky ones will get the play it this week. The rest of the players will only get it on December 20. The new map called Giant's Shadow was inspired by the historical Selle Battle. Player will notice a crashed airship in the map. The grenade crossbow will also be added. It's definitely cooler than the flare gun though. Game developer DICE also promised add to more contents and features in the game on Dec.13.

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