‘Avatar 2' Delayed Again? Sigourney Weaver Says 2018 Release Might Not Happen

It has been years since the last time people had been treated to an amazing movie like “Avatar”. And when news of sequels being in the works came out, fans can’t help but be excited about them. Now, with the said sequels coming sooner or later, some have noticed that the first sequel is actually taking too long.

Back in 2006, years prior to the official release of “Avatar”, James Cameron stated if the said movie was successful, he would create a sequel or two even. With the film’s outstanding performance at the box office, he then confirmed that the sequels are going to happen. In 2012, he announced that even more sequels are possible and are in the progress to push through, then finally confirmed by 2013 that there will be three official sequels.

With the announcement confirming the sequels, fans have waited earnestly. Cameron announced before that “Avatar 2” is expected to release in 2015. But that has changed after they have decided to work on the three sequels simultaneously and slated it to release starting December 2016 until late 2018. But it has been reported recently that each sequel has been delayed a year each moving release dates up to 2019.

But somehow, “Avatar 2” has been delayed once again after Fox just confirmed that its new release date will be on December 21, 2018. Fans are now asking what is taking so long for the first sequel to be released and are hoping that it will not actually take up to a decade since the first movie came out before it will be finally premiered in cinemas. “Avatar” star, Sigourney Weaver also voiced out her thoughts on the delay and doubted if the movie sequel would even make it to the planned December 2018 release as she has revealed that they haven't even started on the production yet.

Despite the doubts, Weaver has reassured fans that the long wait for the sequel is worth it. She said she has read all three scripts and they all look promising. James Cameron has revealed that the sequels will be following the adventures of the main characters, Jake and Neytiri and their children. He further divulged that the sequels are more likely a family saga that tells the story of the Na'vi race struggling with the humans.

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