Apple's Massive Emoji Redesign Available For the iOS 10.2 Update

Apple launched the update on its iOS 10.2 software for both the iPhone and iPad on Monday. The updated iOS brings a wider selection of fresh emoji to choose from, including diverse characters, more emoji representing different professions, more food, sports, and animals, as well as several of the most anticipated arrivals like the facepalm, shrug, selfie, clown faces, whiskey glass and more.

Apple's Massive Emoji Redesign Available For the iOS 10.2 Update

According to TechCrunch, the update brings full Unicode 9.0 support — meaning those emoji that have been approved by the standards body that decides how our pictogram-based communications will evolve. Unicode 9.0 adds exactly 7,500 characters, for a total of 128,172 characters. These additions include six new scripts and 72 new emoji characters.

Over the years, the consortium has steadily added improvements to the emoji lineup, including the ability to choose the skin tone for the people characters and hand gestures you send. This time around, you’ll be able to represent more professions using the emoji. The new professions include the scientist, teacher, welder, coder, business worker, farmer, chef, student, mechanic, doctor/health worker and even astronaut.

There are also tons of new animals and several more foods, drink glasses, along with a number of sporting-related emoji, including medals, that will help in the future when sending messages about the Olympics. For all the list of new emojis, you can visit the official announcement of Apple here.

Availability Of The New Update

As Time reported, the update, which officially launched Monday after previously being available in beta, comes as various tech companies and organizations have made an effort to develop emoji that are more inclusive and represent a broader range of people, activities, and interests. A group of Google employees proposed a new set of gender-diverse emoji in May, while Facebook rolled out new options for its Messenger platform in June.


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