Is The Surface Better Than The MacBook Pro? Microsoft Says So

Microsoft has claimed that its Surface line is outselling the MacBook Pro.

In a post on the Windows blog, Microsoft said that it is "having [their] best holiday ever" thanks to the positive response to its Surface products including the Surface Book, Surface Studio, and Surface Hub. Even the Surface Dial has garnered some positive reviews despite the low repairability score it got from iFixit.

After the Surface Studio and Dial were announced last October, the interest on Microsoft products has intensified according to the blog.

Microsoft considers the 'disappointment' of many on the new MacBook pro as the reason why more and more Mac users are switching to Surface. Since the MacBook Pro was released, it has been met with mixed reviews thanks mainly to the Touch Bar and the missing ports. Another reason cited in the Windows blog is the new innovations that have impressed many even fans of Apple.

The innovations are also the reason why the Surface is winning most if not all reviews so far that pits it against the MacBook Pro. Forbes, for example, called out the MacBook Po for its "stale design". Apple has opted to stick with its design for years. Not that the design of the MacBook is bad, in fact, it was celebrated when the design was first seen. The problem is that the design has become stale. Forbes sees the fresh design concept of the Surface Book as a major plus. Other features that Forbes liked about the Surface Book were the fulcrum hinge and detachable screen.

It should be remembered that Microsoft made a huge promotional event when it offered $650 worth of credit to Mac users who traded in their MacBooks. The credit could be used to purchase the new Surface Pro 4. The trade-in program, according to Microsoft, was a success and, in fact, saw the most number of trade-ins yet.

Microsoft is continuing to expand the Surface's availability. The high-end Surface Book, for example, is now in Australia and New Zealand. Early next year, it will be made available in China, Hong Kong, Japan, Austria, Switzerland, France and the United Kingdom. The Surface Studio is yet to become available in other countries.

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