COD Infinite Warfare Free Trial Period: How To Take Advantage Of The Free Download

COD Infinite Warfare free trial period will begin on December 15, 2016. Players who decide to buy it after five-day trial period can transfer their progress to the game's full version.

COD Infinite Warfare Trial Period

The COD Infinite Warfare trial period will start a few days from now and will last for about five days. The free play will include the first two chapters of the single player story mode. The online multiplayer mode is also available but the free players can only level up to 15. Meanwhile, they can only advance up to level 3 in the zombies feature. The free download is available to all PS4, Xbox One and Windows PC unit owners. Players are assured that their game progress can be transferred once they get the paid version.

Activision Hopes to Increase COD Infinite Warfare Sales

Activision is extremely generous with this kind of freebie. Industry observers though believed that the game publisher has some ulterior motive. The company hopes that more players will be encouraged to buy the game after getting a taste of its gameplay. Activision will soon have its answer after the COD Infinite Warfare trial period.

Infinite Warfare is the latest COD game title that features futuristic and space combat. Developer Infinity Ward also incorporated both single story and multiplayer modes. The latest COD installment though did not sell as much copies as its predecessor, Black Ops 3. In fact, Infinite Warfare's physical copies only sold half as much as Black Ops 3 in the United States, according to CNBC.

Reason For COD Infinite Warfare's Decline

COD Infinite Warfare features the same gameplay as the previous installments, according to many gamers. Only the timeline and settings have been changed. The latest installment also has to compete with various game titles of the same genre such Titanfall 2, Battlefield 1 and even Overwatch. Nevertheless, the COD Infinite Warfare trial period may entice more gamers to buy the game.

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