These Star Wars Video Games Need A Sequel Right Now

Top 10 Star Wars Video Games (Redux)
It's December which means Star Wars Rogue One is upon us, just like the Force that is within us. While on topic, let's look back at some awesome Star Wars games and realize that they need sequels right now. Photo : / YouTube

Star Wars has been very influential both for fans and its owners alike. Disney has also benefited from it thanks to the continuing Star Wars saga. Since Rogue One will be coming out this month, I have thought of listing my 3 favorite Star Wars video games that deserve sequels.

While there's a plethora of Star Wars games and spin-offs out there, I feel that these 3 are among the top choices for Star Wars and video game fans alike. It is important to note that the picking of these games are based on my personal opinions and experiences so you and I may have different views when it comes to any of the games.

Knights of the Old Republic

This game is pretty time consuming and very broad. The events of this game happened before Luke blew up a death star. The takeaway for this game is that it has you choose the outcome for both the fate of the galaxy and your own character. If you look further into it, you will stumble on information that the series is patterned after Dungeons and Dragons' D20 RPG System.

Unfortunately, the third title got cancelled due to budget cuts. This is the reason why I badly need a sequel so that the series can redeem itself.

Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

This game claims to be the pioneer in 3D combat and emulate the player within the Star Wars world by allowing him or her to handle a lightsaber with his hands. On top of that you get to play with 'the force' as sequels within the series adds freedom to use 'the force' and combine it with lightsaber moves.

The game is pretty much fun especially when played online with friends. The story tells the tale about individuals, like Kyle Katarn but during the last chapter, you will be left with a new young Jedi. The storyline is rich which makes me want for more from a sequel. The concept of Jedi training as one of the game's focuses has made Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy one of the best Star Wars games.

The Force Unleashed
Much better than Jedi Kinght: Jedi Academi is The Force Unleashed, personally. The game features both Force of light and dark energy that's almost unstoppable. And on top of that, it has a storyline that managed to interweave the void sections of the franchise's canon into a radically new and elevating story. Controls and gameplay were fun too.

A bit of a downside, the story is linear and the puzzles can become repetitive. Also, the game time for the second title was very short compared to what fans expected. The explanation was that The Force Unleashed was designed to be a trilogy. Nonetheless, the game in general is superb and I'd recommend you try this one out, Star Wars fan or not.

Did your favorite Star Wars game make it to my top 3 list? What's your recommended Star Wars game? Hit us with your thoughts and suggestions via the comments section below.

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